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    Surface protection engineered solution Wear Ceramics pipe and Pipe Fittings


    Product introduction:

    Wear-resisting ceramic-lined pipe can be applied to the pipeline transport of materials, in the long-term pipeline transport, the pipe wear is serious, especially pipe elbow, often because of long-term wear and tear caused by the pipe damage, pipe elbow impact force is large, wear is serious.

    Ceramics have excellent impact resistance and super wear resistance, usually used in the inner wall of the pipe and equipment, to protect the pipe, reduce wear, impact resistance.

    The wear-resisting ceramic lining is installed in the inner wall of the pipeline in the form of pasting, welding, dove-tail and so on to form a firm anti-wear layer. With its super wear resistance, it is widely used in pneumatic conveying and hydraulic conveying systems in industrial enterprises.It is widely used especially in the environment with severe impact corrosion.


    Longer service life

    Temperature resistance and aging resistance

    Light weight

    The surface is smooth

    Ceramic staggered joint installation

    Easy installation

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