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Product Lines High performance wear-resistant products and systems for the Mining, and Mineral Processing Industries.

Wear Resistant Rubber Ceramic Panels

Wear Resistant Rubber Ceramic Panels is new generation composite panels, a combination of wear resistant alumina ceramic cylinders/ceramic tiles vulcanized in resilient rubber base. The alumina ceramic surface provides exceptional resistance to wear, while the elastic property of the rubber effectively dampens the impact forces which can crack the ceramics. Rubber also helps to substantially reduce the vibrations, sounds, and the impact shock generated from impacting rocks. Laid out in zigzag and brick pattern, ceramic tiles/cylinders is an excellent feature for handling large material volumes at different angles without developing a wear pattern. As excellent impact and wear resistant material,The panel is suitable for feeders, chutes, bins, transfer points, in conveyor systems, screen feed plates, mill discharge chutes, bunker etc. The major applicable industries are Coal fired power plants, cement plants, blast furnace plants and host of other industries which requires high impact abrasion resistant surfaces.Type of CeramicsRubberSteel/Metal 92% AluminaNatural rubber Hardness 60A235A 95% Alumina 99% Alumina ZTA ZirconiaHex Tile mats Regular sizes:Panel Size300×300,250×250,500×500,600×600mmCeramic size19x19, 21x21, 40x40 Hex tile Alloy Steel Sizealloy steel plate with thickness ranging from 3 mm to 10 mmRubber ThicknessDepends upon the impact stress expected.Remarkmetal+rubber+ceramic / rubber+ceramicplain surface or spherical surface. The steel bolt also available upon requestsPacking:Wooden Crate   Ply-Wood Pallet  more


CERAMIC LINER FOR EXTREME WEAR PROTECTIONMineral Processing equipment operates in some of the harshest and remote locations. It is crucial to the Mineral Processing industries that this equipment continues to operate efficiently and its life cycle is maximized to minimize down time. By appropriately protecting equipment from the extreme wear caused by the high speed and flow rates of ore when processed as a slurry ensures better equipment longevity. Slurry is highly abrasive and can not only cause wear damage to wet processing equipment but also with the inclusion of chemicals and heat, there is constant risk of corrosion and dangerous leakage.Wear Protection Linings are used throughout Mineral Processing to protect the steel surfaces of equipment from wear and corrosion. They are used on a range of equipment including pipes, tanks, chutes, pumps, flotation cells, thickeners, launders and feed spouts or chutes.Composite Ceramic Wear Liners are ideally suited for wear and corrosion protection with the inclusion of extremely high wear resistance ceramic tiles coupled with the impact and energy absorbing resistance of the rubber matrix. This combined effect significantly reduces wear, leakage and the risk of damage to the equipment but also significantly decreases environmental and safety issues for operators.Ultraming supply a range of custom made Composite Ceramic Wear Liners made only from Alumina tiles embedded within a premium grade, wear and impact resistant rubber. These products are designed to be bonded into equipment using the CN bonding layer for ultimate bond strength and can be easily installed in place of existing lining materials such as steel or rubber.Composite Ceramic Wear Liners can be supplied as standard pads, or cut panels to meet customer drawings and specifications, or can be custom engineered to ensure maximum suitability for your specific application.Ceramic Wear Panels can also be supplied with steel backing for mechanical fastening onto equipment for quicker and easier replacement.Ultraming Composite Ceramic Wear Liners last longer, requiring less change-outs, reducing downtime and increasing the productivity of your equipment. more

wear resistant steel-rubber-ceramic panel vulcanized ceramic plates

1. Detailed description:In aggressive industrial applications, equipment where high impact , high abrasion inevitably suffer mechanical attack, chemical attack, corrosion, or by a combination of these three modes.QMX’s Ceramics can offer various of ceramic liner plate for customer's abrading environment. Composite ceramic wear liner is intended for the toughest applications with very high materials. when a combination of extreme wear and impact resistance ans long wear life is needed , Ultraming offer composite ceramic wear liner with large and hard ceramic bricks vulcanized into a matrix of wear resistant rubber .due to its elastic properties the rubber acts as a dampener. It makes it possible to use this product in applications with a lot of impact without the risk of crushing the ceramic bricks . 2.Product features:> High hardness > Superior abrasion and impact resistance > Corrosion and chemical resistance > Light weight > Easy installation by epoxy resin or bolt > Improve your working environment-noise, vibration and safety3. The alumina ceramic tiles for vulcanization including:- Square tile: 10x10x2~10mm, 17.5x17.5x2~15mm, 20x20x2~15mm, 33x33x7~25mm, etc.- Ceramic Plate: 100x100x6~50mm, 150x100x6~50mm, etc.- Hexagonal tile: S12xT3~20mm, S19xT6-25mm- Ceramic Block: 40x40x40mm, 32x32x22mm, 38x38x38mm,etc.- Ceramic Cylinder/rod: 6x6mm,15x15mm,20x20mm, 31x31mm , 40x40mm,50x50mm etc.4. The main benefits of the ceramic rubber composites:- Excellent wear resitance- Excellent anti-impact due the elastic property of the rubber- Easy to be installation and then reduce downtime- Reduce the sould pollution.5. Applicatiion of equipments- Bins- Feeders- Chutes- Bunkers- StoragesS.No.MaterialAttributes Properties1Ceramic TilesMaterial92%, 95%, T95%,96%, ZTA2RubberComponentnatural rubber, nitrile-butadiene rubber ,Flame Retardant ,othersDensity~1.4g/cm3Tensile strength at break≥15MpaElongation at break≥250%Shore Hardness45-65Adhesive between tile and rubber1.2-3.0 MpaAdhesive between rubber and equipment≥3.5 MpaThermal conductivity.(normal temperature)2w/m·kAging period≥15 YearsWorking temperature-50ºC - 200ºC3Steel plateMaterialQ235ADensity7.85g/cm3Thickness5-6mm4AdhesiveAppearance Brown glutinous liquidSolid content20±3%Viscosity≥2.5 MpaPeel strength48h  N/2.5cm≥120Compressive strength≥850 MpaWorking temperature-20ºC - 100ºCWhole Plate (mm)150x300, 300x300, 450x000, 500x500, 600x450 etc.Ceramic Size (mm)Square Tile:  10x10, 20x20, 33x33, 50x50, 100x100, 150x100,etc.Hexagonal Tile: 12x3, 12x6, 19x7, 19x12.5, 19x25,etc.Locking block with lock and groove: 38x38, 40x40, 30x30,etc.Dimple Tile: 20x20 with 5 dimples, 20x30 with 18 dimples, 20x30 with 13 dimples, 20x20 with 1 semi-spherical surfaceCeramic Thickness (mm)3-75mmAlloy Steel Size (mm)Thickness: 3-10mmRubber Thickness (mm)Depends on the impact stress expected. more

ceramic rubber hose

      Ceramic lined flexible rubber hoses  ceramic-lined flexible hoses are ideal for use in highly aggressive services where conventional rubber hose, expansion joints, or bellows connections require frequent replacement. QMX hoses may also be used to isolate mechanical vibration or to connect non-stationary equipment.Dry abrasion line of powder delivery(Sand, grid, powdered coal, grain, cement and other fine powder)For both delivery and suctionFeaturesAbrasion ResistanceComposite of aluminum ceramics and rubber with high elasticity and strength for inner material.Excellent abrasion resistance against dry abrasion.Inner Rubber LayerInner rubber is complied by composite of ceramic balls (diameter ø3 to ø10) or Hex ceramic tiles and binder rubber with strong adhesion.Ceramic lining is 12 times more wear-resistant than stainless steelImpact resistant - virtually impossible to destroy the ceramic segmentsFlexible - minimum bend radius is roughly 12 times the hose I.D.Corrosion-resistant - compatible with most chemicals found in slurriesWide variety of end-connectionsPurchase any continuous length up to 65 feetTechnical SpecificationsSize Range: 1" to 12" I.D.Pressure Rating: 150 psig.Temperature Range: -100° F to 250° FEnd-Connections: Flanged, plain, etc.Standard SpecificationWorking Pressure: 0.98MPa, Max. Length: 10mN.D.in.I.D.mmO.D.mmWeight  kg/m25125.4523.7322001/1/431.8584.2402001/1/238.1665.150250.8796.1622002/1/263.5937.475376.21058.51004101.613811.9125512716619.71506152.419224.4OD and weight data is not garanteed, and may be changed due to working pressure and service condition. more
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