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    Ceramic linings can extend wear life and improve performance when integrated into any transport piping where an abrasive material is being moved, whether this is via gravity feed, dense phase, dilute phase, slurry or vacuum conveying. In industrial environments where highly abrasive materials are pneumatically conveyed, unlined steel or rubber-lined elbows may wear out in a matter of weeks, resulting in an expensive cycle of downtime for frequent repairs and replacements.QMX offers an ideal solution to this common wear problem. Its range of wear-resistant ceramic liners offers a unique combination of straightforward installation, exceptionally long service life, and low cost fabrication. A range of ceramic-lined elbows and liners are available specifically for this type of application.Qmx’ comprehensive product portfolio offers outstanding mechanical properties, superior wear resistance and excellent corrosion performance. QMX’ pipe fitting liners have been proven to last 5-10 times longer than steel alternatives, while consistently outperforming inferior ‘ceramic-lined’ products. Features and Benefits⊙ Designed with the same internal diameter as the existing unlined pipe⊙ Various minimum wall thicknesses are available⊙ A heavier wall is recommended for optimum wear life⊙ Segmented cylinders or pipe tiles specifically designed for the pipe size and application⊙ Easy installation into the steel piping⊙ Special oversized flanges can be used on existing straight pipes to connect to ceramic lined fittings⊙ Extensive expertise in material science⊙ The latest CAD technology⊙ Unique shaping capabilities⊙ Custom engineered ceramic shapes available in a pre-fired state⊙ Precise fit and full ceramic protection throughout the thickness of every joint⊙ Superior wear system⊙ Eliminates frequent downtime for repairs⊙ Substantially extends equipment service life Ceramic Material TypeAlumina Material(92%&95%Al)RBSiC(Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide)Application1. Abrasive products2. Aluminium plants3. Iron & Steel4. Mineral wool & insulation products5. Foundries6. Glass plants7. Breweries, grain processing, feed mills8. Cement9. Chemical plants10. Mineral mining plants11. Coal fired power stations12. Coal mines13. Technical carbon products

    FIRSTAR Ceramic Lined Wye Feed Pipe&Tees

    Pipe wyes and pipe tees:Pipe wyes are similar to pipe tees. The only difference is in that the branch line is angled to reduce friction which could hamper the flow. The pipe connection is typically at a 45-degree angle rather than a usual 90-degree angle. If a branch turns out at the end to be perpendicular to the through line, the pipe fitting becomes a "tee wye".Main Properties of CeramicCategoryHC92HC95HCT95Al2O3≥92%≥95% ≥95% ZrO2///Density≥3.60g/cm3≥3.65g/cm3≥3.70g/cm3Water Absorption≤0.1%≤0.1%≤0.1%HV 20≥950≥1000≥1100Rock Hardness HRA≥82≥85≥88Bending Strength MPa≥220≥250≥300Compression strength MPa≥1050≥1300≥1600Fracture Toughness KIc MPam 1/2≥3.7≥3.8≥4.0Wear Volume≤0.25cm3≤0.20cm3≤0.15cm3Application:Ceramic lined pipe elbows could be also applied in the parts of concrete pump owing to their advantages, especially the low weight, which helps to avoid the jam during the transport of concrete.Replace carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe and SDRHigh wear material dischargeMagnetite feed and drain linesTailing underflow


    CERAMIC LINED COMPONENTS AND BENDSHard & Compact ; Smooth & Inert ; Withstands High-Abrasion & Corrosion ceramic wear liningsIn any of the process industries, especially steel and cement, corrosion and abrasion lead to significant downtime of the plant. Further, the useful life of the equipment itself may get impaired because of high abrasive nature of the materials being used. Thus, ‘wear mechanism’ results in shutdown, replacement, etc., which is costly, resulting in loss to the tune of millions of rupees. For resistance to wear, ceramic lined bends, straight pipes, etc., are ideal.FEATURESHigh resistance to all types of chemicalsHigh resistance to sliding abrasionNon wet ability and smooth surface results in easy flow of materialsCan withstand temperature of up to 200°CSmaller ID of 100 mm can also be manufacturedCOAL DISTRIBUTORHYDRO CYCLONES FOR COAL WASHING PLATE

    FIRSTAR Cast Baslat lined pipes separator feed pipe For Bulk Material Handling Systems

    Cast basalt lined steel pipe is made with lined cast basalt pipes, coat steel pipe and the cement mortar filling between the two layers, it sets the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of cast stone pipe, the toughness of the steel pipe and the consolidation of the cement mortar in one. Greatly improve the product's ability of adapting various complicated working condition. At the same time using cement mortar as filling material, can make the pipe inner surface in alkaline medium, so that the surface of the steel pipe will produce a purified film to prevent corrosion. Cast basalt lined steel pipe is not only resistant to wear and corrosion, against high pressure, but also convenient and safe to transport.Cast basalt pipe can be divided into straight pipe, elbow, three-way (four-way) pipe and variable diameter pipe, etc.The excellent performance of cast basalt lined steel pipe is that it sets tenacity of steel pipe, abrasive resistance of cast basalt pipe, concreteness of cement mortar in one.This greatly improves the products adaptive capacity in complicated operation conditions. At the same time. cement mortar is selected as the filling material and this can make the inside surface of steel pipe in alkali mediums. So the surface of steel pipe generates purifying films. These films can prevent being rusted.Technical parameters Packing: Ply-wood Carton

    FIRSTAR Abrasion-Resistant Pre-engineered Ceramic tiles Cyclone Linings

    Cyclones handling abrasive products such as clinker dust or raw meal are often lined with QMX abrasion-resistant alumina ceramic tiles to extend the cyclones' operating life. These pre-engineered tile linings resist wear, abrasion, and corrosion from the materials being processed, reducing maintenance and downtime. A relatively thick ceramic tile lining is critical in our Heavy-media Cyclones, as dense mineral matter can be very abrasive.We offer our pre-engineered tiles in two different grades, with 25 to 38 mm (1-in to 1.5-in) thickness, to optimise wear life.Material of the Cyclone Linings: 92% Al2O3 95% Al2O3 T95% Al2O3 ZTA(Zirconia Toughened Alumina)During their manufacture, we machine each ceramic tile in its “green” state, and then fire the lot to become interlocking, serialised liner components. Although this process is relatively expensive, the resulting increase in wear life pays for itself, and is one more reason why operations choose our Heavy-media Cyclones over other models that utilise flat tile.Cyclones Dimension can be Manufactured: 660mm/840mm/900mm/1000mm/1150mm/1250mm/1300mm/1450mm in diameterLayout of the Cyclone Tile:Packing Pictures:

    FIRSTAR Engineering wear resistance solutions Alumina or Silicon Carbide Ceramic Lined Pipework

    QMX is able to advanced-ceramics-line different bores and lengths of pipework with the application of either alumina or silicon carbide. We are also able to design and build pipework.  Advanced ceramics, with hardness ratings of 2000 Vickers, are amongst the hardest materials available. Utilising diamond-ground advanced ceramic lining systems, we are able to expertly line pipework to provide the highest level of abrasion resistance and increase the lifespan of the pipe, therefore reducing running and maintenance costs.Alumina Lined Pipe RBSiC Silicon Cabide

    FIRSTAR Abrasive Alumina & Sisic Silicon Carbide Pipe Elbow Linings

    Products application:Alumina ceramic tube is of high wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, effectively prolong the service life of equipment and considered to be the best choice of anti-wearing and anti-corrosion material; Wear resistance of ceramic is 10 times than that of special manganese, 10 times to high chrome cast iron; Hardness is much higher than that of wear-resistant steel and stainless steel. Application: Oil, mining, steel and power industry. Technical parameters:Alumina/RBSIC ceramic tubeMaterialAlumina&RBSiC Silicone CarbideBrandFIRSTARCountry of originZibo,ChinaColourWhiteTypeTubeSizeODIDLength70-750mm30-710mm200-500mmMolding methodIsostatic pressingBulk Density3.02 & 3.65 & 3.70g/cm3Al2O3%92% / 95% / Silicon carbide Water Absorption≤0.01Abrasion(cm3)0.1~0.25

    FIRSTAR High Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Block Cube as Abrasion Materials

    QMX Alumina Ceramic Blocks are designed as per the requirements of the customers' engineering combined with the cost, installation and effective of application. Especially the blocks with tongues and grooves, Its obvious performance is that they could lock each other due to the tongues and grooves to increase the connectivity in whole engineering. So it is used widely in pipe lining, ceramic rubber plate in mining industry, steel plant, cement plant, port, power plant,etc.Meanwhile QMX ceramic blocks usually vulcanized with rubber, made as the ceramic rubber and steel composition ceramic liner.  >>> Reputation & Experience for QualityQMX served industrial maintenance company for 17years, we earned good reputation by our believable products and sincere service , CHEMSHUN CERAMICS are the wear resistant ceramics of choice for a large variety of industries including mining, sand and gravel, coal handling, steel production, and more.>>> QMX Ceramic AdvantageAfford the standard and pre-engineered tilesProfessional technical team to afford CAD designsProfessional installation team to afford install serviceWell established process as per international standards>>> QMX Wear Resistant Materials Application Copper Mining Processing•  Mill Feed Throats•  Underflow Tub Liners•  Material Handling Chutes•  Cyclone Feed/Discharge Piping/ChuteCoal Preparation•  Cyclone Distributors•  Cyclone Liners•   Magnetic Separator Chutes•   Impact Panels•   Sieve Bend Feed Boxes•   Pipe Lining/ElbowsCement Industry•   Chutes•   Cyclone Separators•   Cones>>> QMX Ceramic Product Salient PropertyExcellent wear and abrasion protection propertyLower production and maintenance costExcellent corrosion resistance propertyExcellent impact resistance propertyExcellent heat resistance propertyEasy to handle size and weightFast and safe installation

    FIRSTAR Ceramic sleeve lined pipe fittings applied in mining industry

    The big diameter ceramic sleeve is always a big problem for the ceramic tube manufacturers since it’s very difficult to control the deformation rate of the ceramic sleeve after it’s sintering .Also It will also need an advanced and big isostatic pressing machine to do this .So it will not only express the company’s production capability ,but company’s technology. Right now, our factory have owned both advantages which are wear resistant ceramic pressing facilities and technologies. We met some difficulties of course when we manufacturing the ceramic sleeves and we handled all the problems after the efforts of our research and engineering people .Also we created a very convenient installation machine to do the ceramic sleeve installation into the pipes since the sleeve is very big and heavy .After a month working ,we finished this 20’ container 95% alumina ceramic sleeve lined pipes ,T pipes and elbows and customers are also very appreciated about our rapid reaction and big efforts in this projects applied in the mining slurry conveying system.Sintering as a whole ceramic tube or ceramic sleeve,and then assemble it into the steel pipe or stainless steel pipe with our high-strength-temperature-resistant epoxy adhesive. The ceramic sleeve lined pipe has applied a lot in the mining industry ,like mining slurry pipe,mining dust removing pipe ,mining slag conveying pipe ,elbows and T pipes. Ceramic Wear Liner material:-92% Alumina-95% Alumina-RBSiC Silicon carbide-ZTA liner  

    FIRSTAR Wear-resistant ceramic bonding steel plate

    The Wear-resistant ceramic bonding steel plate is to directly bond the toughened wear-resistant ceramic with a high-strength organic adhesive or an inorganic adhesive with a maximum temperature of 350 ℃ directly into the steel plate, and is used as an anti-wear lining for material conveying equipment in room temperature environments.Product Structure:The Wear-resistant ceramic bonding steel plate is to directly bond the toughened wear-resistant ceramic with a high-strength organic adhesive or an inorganic adhesive with a maximum temperature of 350 ℃ directly into the steel plate. The steel plate is equipped with countersunk bolts to connect the equipment. And there is an anti-impact &wear layer, which can well solve the wear problem of equipment during the transportation of bulk materials. It is suitable for the material conveying equipment in room temperature environment, which can also withstand the impact of bulk materials. Product Characters:1. Wear resistance: High hardness with a great wear ability.2. Impact resistance: The toughened ceramic ensures that the ceramic is not easily broken and can bear the impact of large materials;3. High temperature resistance: It can be operated at 0℃-250℃ for a long time with a special installation method such as welding installation.4. Convenient installation and replacement: It is provided with a whole liner, which is convenient for replacement and installation and reduces after-sales service;5. Reduce maintenance: Excellent wear resistant ability greatly reduces the frequency of maintenance, saving costs and labor. Product Applications:This kind of wear-resistant ceramic bonding steel liner is often used as a wear-resistant lining for material conveying equipment in room and high temperature environments, and can withstand the high impact of large materials with a special ceramic material.Technical Specifications:

    FIRSTAR Surface protection engineered solution Wear Ceramics pipe and Pipe Fittings

     Product introduction:Wear-resisting ceramic-lined pipe can be applied to the pipeline transport of materials, in the long-term pipeline transport, the pipe wear is serious, especially pipe elbow, often because of long-term wear and tear caused by the pipe damage, pipe elbow impact force is large, wear is serious.Ceramics have excellent impact resistance and super wear resistance, usually used in the inner wall of the pipe and equipment, to protect the pipe, reduce wear, impact resistance.The wear-resisting ceramic lining is installed in the inner wall of the pipeline in the form of pasting, welding, dove-tail and so on to form a firm anti-wear layer. With its super wear resistance, it is widely used in pneumatic conveying and hydraulic conveying systems in industrial enterprises.It is widely used especially in the environment with severe impact corrosion.Advantage:Longer service lifeTemperature resistance and aging resistanceLight weightThe surface is smoothCeramic staggered joint installationEasy installation

    FIRSTAR Abrasion Resistance Ceramic Lining Pipe

    Abrasion Resistance Ceramic Lining PipeAbrasion resistance ceramic lining pipes are designed and lined with high quality alumina ceramic material like alumina rings. The abrasion resistance ceramic lining pipe as a whole part, and then assemble it into the steel pipe with our high-strength-temperature-resistant epoxy adhesive. The pipe consists of three layers: smooth ceramic lining (compact corundum), ceramic and metal transition layer and the outer steel pipe. We can produce abrasion resistance ceramic lining pipe as per customer’s requirement and application.Alumina ceramic specificationsChemical Composition and Physical PropertiesCompositionAl2O3≥92%≥95%Specific Density(g/cm3)≥3.60≥3.65HV Hardness HV20 N/mm2(MPa)≥980≥1000Rock Hardness HRA≥82≥85Bending Strength (MPa)≥220≥220Compressive strength (MPa)≥1050≥1300Fracture Toughness MPam 1/2≥3.70≥3.8Wear Volume(cm3)≤0.25≤0.20cPackingCtn box with palletsCustomized Tiles can be made.The most common applications of ceramic sleeve lined pipesIndustryMaterial1. Abrasive productsGrinding wheel granules2. Aluminium plantsCalcined alumina, bauxite, electrode, carbon, crushed bath3. Iron & SteelSinter dust, limestone, lime injection, coal, iron carbide, alloy additives4. Mineral wool & insulation productsPerlite, stone dust, refractory fibers, production wastes, dust from sawing operations5. FoundriesMolding sand, dust collection6. Glass plantsBatch, cullet, quartz, kaoline, feldspar7. Breweries, grain processing, feed millsCorn, barley, soy beans, malt, cocoa beans, sunflower seeds, rice hulls, malting plants8. CementClinker dust, limestone, cement, fly ash, coal, blast furnace slag9. Chemical plantsCaustic lime, fertilizers, lime dust, chrome ore, paint pigments, plastic pallets with glass fi bers10. Mineral mining plantsKiln feed, ore concentrate, coal tailings, dust11. Coal fired power stationsCoal, fly ash, pyrites, slag, ash, limestone12. Coal minesCoal dust, mine waste for backfi lling13. Technical carbon productsTechnical carbon, dust, graphite for electrodes

    FIRSTAR Ceramic lined T pipes with flanges

    As wear resistant ceramics lined pipe supplier, QMX ceramics can meet customized design and product kinds of alumina ceramic linings for lined steel pipelines. Several ceramic liner pipe wear solutions ways can be offered for client’s options. Solution 1: Lined with Trapezoidal/pipe tiles with size 150*23/21*20mm, 150*33/27*25mm, or other dimensions per the drawing. Advantage:Lower cost Solution 2: Lined with alumina sleeve/tubes&Elbow pipe tiles, with Dia.100-300mm, Length 100-500mm. Advantage: Easy to Fix & few gaps Solution 3: Lined with Mosaic lining pieces Mosaic pieces sizes: 17.5*17.5mm or 20*20mm, Thickness 3-20mmAdvantages: Suitable for Lining the small diameter Steel pipes.

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