ceramic lined cyclone
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Silicon carbide cyclone

  Silicon carbide CycloneReaction bonded silicon carbide is a multi-phased material typically containing 7-15% silicon metal, some minor amount of unreacted carbon, with the remaining body being SiC. Reaction bonded SiC materials are manufactured utilizing a variety of processes depending on desired final product geometry, configuration, and required tolerances.Reaction bonded silicon carbide has proven to be an excellent material choice for wear applications such as pipe liners, flow control chokes and larger wear components in the mining as well as other industries. CALSIC RB offers an economical and reliable material option for many applications where the corrosion resistance or wear resistance of CALSIC S (sintered silicon carbide) is not necessary.Typical properties of silicon carbide are:Excellent thermal shock resistanceExcellent hot strengthExcellent abrasion resistanceGood thermal conductivityRelatively low coefficient of thermal expansionTypical applications for silicon carbide are:Kiln furniture for powder metal and ceramic processingKiln components including:hearthsentrance tilesskid railsmufflesside wallsarchesReaction Bonded Silicon Carbide PropertiesPhysical PropertyUnitsTypical ValueMicrostructure%87% SiC, 12% SiDensityg/cc> 3.02Apparent Porosity%< 0.1Max Use Temperature°C1380Flexural StrengthMPa250 @ 20°C280 @ 1200°CCompressive StrengthMPa2500Modulus of ElasticityGPa330 @ 20°C300 @ 1200°CCoefficient of Thermal Expansion1 x 10-6 in/in °C4.5Thermal Conductivity @ 1200°CW/mK45Poisson's Ratio-0.2Vickers HardnessGPa20-22 more

Silicon carbide Tile Block

  Silicon carbide wear lining tiles/blockInner Lining and Blocks for Industry MaintenanceSiSiC: Moh’s hardness is 9.5 (New Moh’s hardness is 13), with excellent resistance to erosion and corrosion, excellent abrasion – resistance and anti-oxidation. It is 4 to 5 times stronger than nitride bonded silicon carbide. The service life is 5 to 7 times longer than alumina material. The MOR of RBSiC is 5 to 7 times that of SNBSC, it can be used for more complex shapes. Wear resistant ceramic lining is conductive to make improvement of the production performance, the working efficiency, the reduction of maintenance costs and the increase profits.- Excellent wear and abrasion protection property.- Excellent corrosion resistance property- Excellent heat resistance property- Excellent impact resistance property- Excellent for ballistic protectionApplications:- Mining- Mineral processing (mineral beneficiation)- Power generation- Cement- Petro-Chemical Refining and Production- Coal washery- Steel- Defense (personal & vehicle armour).■ Specifications: Item Unit Data Temperature of application  ℃1380℃ Density G/cm3 >3.05Open porosity  % <0.1 Bending strength -A Mpa 250 (20℃) Bending strength -B MPa 280 (1200℃ ) Modulus of elasticity-A GPa  330(20℃) Modulus of elasticity -B GPa300 ( 1200℃ ) Thermal conductivity W/m.k 45 (1200℃ ) Coefficient of thermal expansionK-1 ×10-64.5 Rigidity /13 Acid-proof alkaline / excellent■ Available Shape and sizes:Thickness: from 6mm up to 25mm Regular Shape: SiSiC tiles, SiSiC Pipe tiles, SiSiC Three Links, SiSiC Elbow, SiSiC Cone Cyclone. Remark: Other sizes and shape are available upon requests. ■ Packaging: In carton box, packed in fumigated wooden pallet with net weight 20-24MT/20′FCL. more
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