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    Yttria stabilized zirconia(YTZP) is a sintered advanced ceramic material and it is the most common form of stabilized zirconia ceramic. Typical composition of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia is 94.7% ZrO2 + 5.2% Y2O3(weight percentage) or 97 ZrO2 + 3% Y2O3 (mol percentage)Compared with alumina rod Yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ YTZP) rods could withstand even higher temperature. Zirconia also has better corrosion and wearing resistance. As an extremely refractory material, working temperature of zirconia rods could be as high as 1900C and being stable to most of corrosive chemicals as well. Zirconia crucibles also provide very low thermal and electrical conductivity amking it an ideal for applications requires electrical and thermal insulatingHowever, unlike boron nitride, Zirconia rod is not recommended to be used as a raw material for further machining work, due to the high hardness and wearing resistance.QMX YSZ RodsAs a major supplier of custom advance ceramic materials in east coast USA, QS Advanced Materials is working closely with manufacturers of ceramic sintering and machining capability to provide quality stabilized zirconia products with highly efficient price. We are continuously providing zirconia crucibles and other basic materials. With semi finished stocks, and high production capbalility, advantages in lead time and cost is provided.Applications of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ,YTZP) parts• Used for grinding ceramics materials, magnetic materials and organic samples• Bearing and other wear resistance mechanical parts• Special pump partsZirconia ceramics performance:Density: 6.05 g/cm3Water absorption: <0.05%Firing temperature: 1550 °CHardness: 1350 HVCompression strength: 25000 MPaThermal expansion coefficient: 9.5x10-6 /°CBending strength: 950 MPa PackagingAs a ceramic material, Zirconia material is still brittle, although YSZ is somehow flexible. Our zirconia rods are usually hold in plastic bags by vacuum, and protect with heavy foam. Properties Sheet:PropertiesUnits95 Alumina99 AluminaZirconiaDensityɡ / cm33.653.925.95-6.0Water Absorption%0010Coefficient of Thermal Expansion10-6 / K7.98.510.5HV HardnessMpa140016501300-1365Flexural Strength @ Room TemperatureMpa280310950Flexural Strength @ 700℃Mpa220230210Compressive Strength@Room TemperatureMpa200022002000Fracture ToughnessMpa * m½3.84.210Heat Conductivity @ Room TemperatureW / m * k18-2526-302.0-2.2Electrical Resistivity @ Room TemperatureΩ*mm2 / m>1015>1016>1015Max Application Temperature℃150017501050Resistance to Acid Alkaline/HighHighHighDielectric Constant/9.59.826Thermal Shock ResistanceΔ T ( ℃ )220180-200282-350Tensile Strength @ 25℃Mpa200248252


    ◆Product IntrductionZirconia Y-TZP cylinder media is made from super material and advanced technical craft and suitable for any kinds of mills such as micro-mill, attritor-mill, vibratory mill and bead mill to grind and disperse effectively and economically the material of electronic slurry, ceramic powder, magnetic material, battery material, rare-earth material, nonmetal ore, painting, dye, ink, calcium, titanium, pesticide, food stuff and medicine etc.Comparing with other grinding media such as Alumina media, zirconia silicate media, steel media, agate media and glass media, Zirconia Y-TZP grinding media has high density and toughness and super hardness, so it has better grinding efficiencies. The high wear-resistant Zirconia Y-TZP grinding media prevents materials from being contaminated and chemical etching or short service life of the grinder.These special features make Zirconia Y-TZP grinding media especially suitable for material grinding in important occasion. ◆Product Features▮Product Features Preventing material from contamination▮High grinding efficiency▮Suitable for high viscosity, wet grinding and dispersion▮So it's tougher and more resistant to wear and deterioration from a long term point of view. ◆Zirconia Y-TZP Ceramic Balls PropertiesItemsUnitTypical ValuesCompositionwt%94.8% ZrO2 5.2%Y2O3Bulk Densitykg/L3.5 (Ф>7mm)Specific Densityg/cm36.0Hardness(HV)GPa>12Modulus of ElasticityGPa200Thermal ConductivityW/m.K3Thermal Expansion Coefficient10×10-6/°C(20to400)9.6Crushing LoadKN≥25(Ф7mm)Fracture ToughnessMPam½8Grain Sizeµm≤0.5◆Applications and Specifications▮High strength and high toughness productsDiectricity materials、Piezoelectric materials、Magnetic materials▮Wear and corrosion resistance productsCoating、Textile、 Pigment dispersion、Ink and dye▮Prevention of product Ceramics contaminationMedical material、Foodstuffs▮CeramicsElectronics ceramics、Refractory ceramics、Engineer ceramics◆Available Sizes▮Zirconia Y- TZP Cylindrical Media are available in the following standard sizes:Ф5.5×5.5、Ф7.5x7.5, Ф7.5x9、Ф10x10, Ф12.7×12.7、Ф15×15(mm)

    FIRSTAR Y-TZP (Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Grinding Media)

    -High density-High fracture toughness-Large Specific density-Wear resistant,anti corrosion-PPM Grade wear loss  Applications:-Suitable for Electronic ceramic,ink,paint,pigments,coating,dyes,food,cosmetic,pharmaceutical industry which require high wear resistance and contamination-free from grinding media-Suitable for fine particle size production as high compression strength and narrow size distribution- Suitable for nano particle size production industry. Chemical PropertyYTZ yttria zirconia grinding beads propertiesItemsTypical ValuesCompositionWt%94.8% ZrO25.2% Y2O3Packing Densitykg/L3.7~3.9Bulk Densityg/cm35.95~6.0Hardness (HV)GPa>8Wear loss(g/kgh)≤1.3Crushing StrengthN(⌀5)≥16000Sphericity%≥95Standard sizemm0.3-30Packing25kgsPackageDifferent package as to meet different customer’s requirements.25kg/pails+Wooden Crates  

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