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    QMX Ceramic mosaic mat are of 2 shapes, square alumina ceramic mosaic tiles and alumina ceramic hexagon mosaic mat, inlaid on the surface of equipment and work area by rubber or glue. They are designed to protect equipment and work area by abrasion resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Alumina ceramic mosaic tiles can be used in flat areas and curved surfaces.

     Alumina Ceramic Mosaic Tile Liner


    Ceramic mosaic mat as wear resistant liner materials and easy fixing process is popular in the field of wear-resistant. It is widely used as wear liner for pulley lagging, rubber ceramic plate and kinds of irregular surface of equipment and facilities. It can be easily installed and fixed by special adhesive.

    Alumina Ceramic Mosaic Tile Liner 

    Popular Sizes Of Alumina Ceramic Mosaic Tile Mats

    Popular sizes of the flat alumina tiles as follows:

    500*500*6mm 4mm ceramic+2mm rubber

    500*500*8mm 4mm ceramic+4mm rubber

    500*500*10mm 6mm ceramic+4mm rubber

    500*500*14mm 10mm ceramic+4mm rubber

    500*500*20mm 15mm ceramic+5mm rubber

    500*500*25mm 20mm ceramic+5mm rubber

    500*500*30mm 25mm ceramic+5mm rubber

    Alumina Ceramic Mosaic Tile Liner


    Product Features

    1) Suitable for lining on irregular surfaces

    2) High strength

    3) High hardness

    4) High density

    5) Acid and alkali resistant

    6) Corrosion resistant

    7) Good impact resistance

    Alumina Ceramic Mosaic Tile Liner

    Alumina Ceramic Mosaic Tile Liner

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